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Inn from the Cold


The 'Inn from the Cold' program is an initiative involving many Calgary churches to provide overnight shelter for homeless people. Each night, one or more churches throughout Calgary are prepared to house 15 -16 people each, who are referred specifically to 'Inn from the Cold'. These people are transported from a designated pickup spot to the church or churches hosting 'Inn from the Cold' that evening. A hot, nutritious supper and breakfast are provided, before guests are transported back downtown the next day.

Volunteer activities

Volunteers are required throughout the evening. Some volunteers set up and prepare the beds for the night, other volunteers help prepare the food in the evening or morning, another group of volunteers help with take down, and some volunteers simply socialize with patrons. If volunteers are unable to attend the 'Inn from the Cold, they may prepare portable meals at home to be used at 'Inn from the Cold.

Time requirement

Some volunteers work for only a few hours to help with setup, take down, cooking, or socializing; other volunteers stay the night. Time commitment is very flexible.

Special Skills Required

Volunteers should feel comfortable working and socializing with people from the street. Some volunteer activities require physical labour (set up and take down), and some skills in the kitchen would be helpful to those preparing meals.

Cathedral Contact Persons

Sandy Prior and Irene Dean - 403-269-1905 (Church Office)