Lent at the Cathedral

For specific Lenten services, see the Worship pages.

Lenten Devotions
This year’s Lenten Devotions, “Our Lenten Journey through the Waters of Baptism
were written by the Venerable Charlene Taylor of the Diocese of Eastern Newfoundland and Labrador. To sign up for them, go to http://www.pwrdf.org and then click on “Resources.”
“I was Hungry and You Gave Me Food”
This is our local PWRDF Lenten Outreach program. All monies collected will go to the PWRDF and the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to help feed people in emergency situations such as natural disasters. Your donations will also help them rebuild their lives with seeds and farming tools.
We will do this fundraiser in the form of a “Coffee Cup” campaign, and we are asking you to donate what you would normally spend on coffee for a week.
Beginning on Sunday, March 10, you will be able to pick up coffee cups, decorated by our Sunday School children, in the narthex. These cups contain donation envelopes for this project. Please take a cup and envelope marked “PWRDF”, and return your donation by Sunday, April 28. If you are giving cash, make sure your contact information is on the envelope. Please make personalized cheques out to “Cathedral Church of the Redeemer” and make sure you write “Foodgrains Bank.” on the memo line. (Just to be clear, you will get credit for whatever amount you donate.)
Donations to the PWRDF/Canadian Foodgrains Bank are matched 4:1 by the Canadian Federal Government. In other words, whatever you give, the Federal Government will match your donation by four times that amount!
So, go ahead and grab a “Coffee Cup”. Go for it! Show your love for your neighbours in distress by donating to “I was Hungry and You Gave Me Food”. And, your act of kindness will warm you just as a warm cup of coffee!