Annual Meeting of Parishioners

Sunday, 24 February 2019, at the Annual Meeting of Parishioners, the Operating Budget for 2019 was adopted and the Parish Officers were elected:
Ben Wagler, Incumbent’s Warden
Philippa FitzGerald-Finch, People’s Warden
Gordon Cook, Assistant People’s Warden
Kate Ahlf (1-year term)
Diane Ayer (2-year term)
Vaughan Bowen (1 year remaining)
Brenda Horiachka (1 year remaining)
Olivia Ingalls (2-year term)
Ross Jepson (2-year term)
Brianna Kopp (2-year term)
Chris Lamb (2-year term)
Fransis Maseh (1 year remaining)
Wilson McCutchan (2-year term)
Kaitlyn Paltiel (2-year term)
Lynne Phillips (1 year remaining)