NeST Update for May


NeST met with the Al Jbawi family on May 6 to discuss what will happen next in their settlement journey as we approach the end of our one-year sponsorship agreement. It was a very positive meeting with much to celebrate. Both parents are close to achieving a language benchmark that will qualify them for employment in Canada, and Khalil has begun applying for carpentry jobs. NeST will begin to transition financial support. The children are doing well in school, and the whole family has made astonishing progress in English language learning in the past 11 months. Classes for the adults will be ongoing but may move from full time to part time over the next few months to accommodate full time employment. Homework visits will be scaled back during Ramadan at the family's request, but may continue into the summer in the form of more general literacy activities pending the family's and volunteers' schedules. Or there may be more social visits! The family took an exciting step towards independence with the purchase of a 2004 Kia minivan from the proceeds of Khalil's part-time restaurant job. They continue to express their gratitude to everyone for the help received thus far. They indicated their hope (echoed by NeST volunteers) that the friendships formed will continue well into the future.