A Stitch in Time with the Deerly Wrought Sampler Guild

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This week's blog post was written by Sheila Cook.

On Saturday, April 22, the Cathedral Altar Guild hosted the Deerly Wrought Sampler Guild (DWSG) at the Cathedral. The DWSG is interested in historic and traditional stitching in all contexts. The Cathedral Altar Guild ladies were more than happy to show off the historic and current vestments, hangings and altar cloths. The DWSG’s interest in the Cathedral’s inventory of vestments and hangings came from a project that we recently completed: the High Altar Kneeler Project.  Jeannette Douglas, who designed the high altar kneelers, recommended a tour of the Cathedral to the DWSG and I believe they were not disappointed!

Dean Lee welcomed the group and started the morning with a brief history and a tour of the Cathedral. Elizabeth Challice, Mary Downing, and Pat Glen lead the discussion and presented many examples of the beautiful embroidery that are on the chasubles, stoles, copes, altar cloths, and hangings. There was a wonderful feeling of sisterhood between the two guilds.

The tour concluded in the narthex with refreshments and an opportunity to visit. It became very clear to all present how important the work that the Altar Guild does every week. The pride this unsung group has in preserving and maintaining the vestments, hangings, and other stitching goes without question. This is just a part of what the Altar Guild does for the Cathedral. I’m sure our Altar Guild volunteers are breathing a big sigh of relief after a very busy first half of the liturgical year. A big thank you to the Altar Guild for all their hard work!

Upcoming at the Cathedral

Congregational Connections
Save the date! On Friday, May 26, we will begin a new series of Congregational Connections. The speakers at this series will be members of the Cathedral Parish. The presenter will be Dr Vaughan Bowen, who will give a talk entitled "It's Always Been About Him: A Surgeon's Tale." More details will be published next week!

Open Cathedral
The Open Cathedral program will be in full operation from May through October. Welcoming visitors into our Cathedral is important in so many ways. On a local level, it provides our neighbours with a place to sit and reflect, and to learn who we are. To visitors from across the country and around the world, we are able to share our history and our culture. And, being open and accessible provides us with opportunities for designations and funding. We have a strong core team, but in order to be open each weekday from 11:30-1:30, we require a few more volunteers. Training is provided, and everyone works in pairs. Please contact Ruth Parent at rwparent@gmail.com for further information.