ESL Café Update

ESL Café2.jpeg

The ESL Café is a meeting of newcomers to Calgary who need some help in conversational English. Many of the students are studying in formal classes elsewhere, but come to the Café to have real experience in listening and speaking.

Our students are always interested in meeting new people, so if you’d like to drop in on a Wednesday at 3pm or a Saturday at 10:30am, please do so!


We recently had a meeting at the home of one of our students who prepared a fabulous meal for all of us (one third of which is pictured here).

Several of our friends have not moved to Toronto because the Ontario government is providing more language training places for people waiting for Permanent Residence status. This fact makes us a bit sad, but we are still in touch with them.

Please pray for our Turkish friends. People are again being arrested there: among our own groups, one woman had died, and a sister has been arrested.

Anyone is welcome to join our volunteer team., contact Joy Newman: or Anne Paul: