Ikonic Mass

a release from the Cathedral Choir

Ikonic Mass, a 2014 album from the choir of the Cathedral Church of the Redeemer, contains sublime choral masterpieces, virtuosic organ performances by our former music director Tim Pyper, and the world premiere recordings of two works by composer Zachary Wadsworth.

Included on the CD:

1. Prelude in C, BWV 547 (J.S. Bach)
2. Fugue in C, BWV 547 (J.S. Bach)
3. Ikonic Mass - Kyrie (Zachary Wadsworth)
4. Ikonic Mass - Gloria (Zachary Wadsworth)
5. Ikonic Mass - Sanctus and Benedictus (Zachary Wadsworth)
6. Ikonic Mass - Agnus (Zachary Wadsworth)
7. Hymn: Thee Will I Love (Tune: Surrey)
8. Psalms 114 & 115 (Chants by George M. Garrett and Gerald Knight)
9. Hereford Service: Magnificat (Richard Lloyd)
10. Hereford Service: Nunc Dimittis (Richard Lloyd)
11. The Spirit of the Lord (Edward Elgar)
12. Hymn: Immortal Love, For Ever Full (Zachary Wadsworth)
13. Five Liturgical Inventions: Alleluia (Victor Togni)

Jacket design: Dallas Southcott

Jacket design: Dallas Southcott